How It works

Authentication & Grading Process

1. Authenticity and Condition Inspection

We conduct thorough checks to authenticate and assess the condition of your photocards, ensuring only those that meet our standards are graded.

2. Certification and Labeling

Each card receives a certification and a unique serial number corresponding to its assessed grade, which is then documented on a label to guarantee the card's authenticity.

3. Casing

The photocard, along with its label, is securely encased in our custom-made, premium cases. Designed for utmost transparency, they provide durable protection against external impacts. The cases are sealed using ultrasonic welding technology to ensure a firm closure without affecting the card.

4. Unique Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate containing the photocard's unique serial number is issued. Your card, along with this certificate, is carefully packaged and dispatched via air courier, typically arriving within 7 days from the date of receipt at our verification center.

Grading Standards

POCAGRADES introduces a tailored grading system designed specifically for K-pop photocard enthusiasts.