This Is Legit: My Photocards from Pocagrades are Top-Tier!

This Is Legit: My Photocards from Pocagrades are Top-Tier!

Nov 06, 2023


Pocagrades is pretty darn premium. Now, I'm a huge fan of K-pop idols, and I've got this thing for collecting their photo cards. But I gotta tell you, collecting them this way is a whole new ball game for me. I mean, I had no clue what grading really meant until I got my hands on the actual cards, and I'm definitely feeling that premium vibe.

Unlike the usual deal with photo cards arriving in plain envelopes or boxes, Pocagrades steps it up big time. They send them out in these special cases and high-end boxes, and let me tell you, it feels like I opted for the gift-wrapping option when I made the purchase. So, when that package arrived, it felt like a real treat. (I even thought, "This would make a sweet gift if you handed it over to someone directly.") But what really blew me away wasn't the outer box; it was what was inside. These photo cards come sealed in transparent cases, and when you see them up close, they're like fancy photo card holders. They seem solid, no risk of breaking or wear and tear.

And here's the kicker – they guarantee the quality and authenticity of the photo cards. After reading up on their website, it looks like they go through a thorough quality control and authenticity process, using their own special techniques before they ship them out. The photo cards I received had no issues, and there's zero doubt they're the real deal. Plus, the box even comes with a certificate to prove it, which definitely boosts your trust in this platform.


Review by  re**py**