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[1st Early Bird Pre-Sale] Submit for Grading


If you want to keep your photocards beautiful and safe, apply for grading now.
- Price: $10 per photocard (Limited to 1st Early Bird Pre-Sale)
- After sending your photocards, it's essential to submit the tracking information to us

1. Official photocards from currently active KPOP idols are eligible.
2. Photocards must be within the size limit of 55mm x 85mm.

Infludeo, INC
(+82) 10-6675-8374
(04052) 48-24, Wausan-ro 29-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

14 days from the day we receive them.

Grade Your PhotoCards: Elevate Your Collection Now!

"Protect, beautify, and boost the value of your favorite photo cards with our expert grading."

How to Grade Your PhotoCards

Step 1. Submit Your Order

"Check the quantity of cards you want to be graded and proceed with the payment."

Step 2. Ship to Pocagrades

"Securely package and send the photo cards you wish to grade to our facility."

Step 3. Grading

"Upon receipt, your cards will be inspected and the grading process will begin."

STEP 4. Delivery to You

"Receive your graded cards with a certificate in a special case within 14 days via express air."

Step 1. Submit Your Order
Step 2. Ship to Pocagrades
Step 3. Grading
STEP 4. Delivery to You

Enhance Your Card's Charm

Elevate the appeal of your photo cards with our grading service.

Preservation Perfection

Ensure your cards stay in pristine condition with our specialized preservation techniques. Protect your collection's legacy with unmatched care and expertise.

Why VPG system?

Pioneering Perfection in KPOP PhotoCard Grading
World's First Service Specialized in KPOP PhotoCards

At Pocagrades, we're proud to be the first-ever grading service dedicated exclusively to KPOP photo cards. Our unique expertise means your cherished cards get the specialized attention they deserve.

World's First Service Specialized in KPOP PhotoCards